Welcome to Grass Roots

Grass RootsWelcome to Grassroots Incorporated, and the dream of so many people. Incorporated in November 2005, I have a experienced board of directors, with a range of skills and backgrounds. Our goal is to support intellectually impaired and their families to achieve realistic outcomes. In the areas of respite, crisis care, family support, employment, accommodation and programs to assist preserving the family unit and the transition to independent living facilities that are safe and secure for all intellectually impaired people.

As a parent of young man with an intellectual disability my goal is to realize this dream, thus providing a safe secure future for him, as we do for all our children. In my sons case, as with many others, this requires a huge amount of effort, innovative action and provision for a lifetime including age care.

The dream to provide these outcomes needs the support of community, business and government along with our wonderful volunteer base who have got us to this point.

I look forward to you support in helping Grassroots continue the dream.

Frances Tierney

Grass Roots